20th March 2020 – International Day of Happiness
Defeat the COVID 19 global pandemic

Will we ever be able to overcome the suffering and premature deaths caused due to those preventable diseases?
May 23, 2019
COVID-19 Outbreak Data
April 2, 2020

20th March 2020 – International Day of Happiness
Defeat the COVID 19 global pandemic

World Happiness Day- iTech Mission

It’s a day to celebrate and be glad, of course! From 2013, the UN and the world started celebrating the International Day of Happiness as a way to show the importance of happiness in the lives of peep across the globe. This year 2020, the theme for happiness day is “Happier Together”.

The United Nations invites each folk of every age, any status, service, business, and government to join in the celebration of the International Day of Happiness.

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Now, it might sound a little unusual for you to talk about the tragic things that are happening in the world as a COVID-19. Now, on the day of world happiness day which is today, we need to be more enterprising about creating small moments of happiness in our day. This theme “Happier Together” can only be achieved by taking required precautions and by being isolated for a required time. In a dilemma like world today, where COVID- 19 has taken hundreds and thousands of lives, happiness is a fairy dream. However, we humans know well how to deal with all types of crises. Earlier also we have faced many crises together and this time the theme “Happier Together” can work well in our situation by being a well-wisher of every other homo sapiens.

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The widespread of the virus has shaken the globe. Greed, racism, and discrimination has taken the limelight along with the virus. Now, people are scared of people. Necessities, like sanitizers, tissues are getting stockpiled, and there is nothing left for those with less purchasing power. This International Happiness Day, iTech Mission is asking you to take a pledge and considerate these for who needs plethora items.

Happiness is not limited or caged at a personal level space but is also scaled at the national level. For example, how a country treats its citizens, the type of life, ability to provide basic needs for a sustainable life. Let’s have a look at the indicator below on which happiness index is calculated for each country.

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  1. No Poverty- There are many or maybe in millions who fall under poverty.
  2. Zero Hunger- Around 820 million people around the world are bony or underweighted.
  3. Good Health and Proper Education- These are the basic rights of every individual citizen that leads them to a sustainable life.
  4. Economic Growth– The development of growth is dependent on the employment of its youth population.
  5. Human Rights– Many people are forced to move out from their country because of the violation, they’re forced to live as refugees in other nations.
  6. Gender Equality– Still in 21st. Century we are facing this issue and day by day the number seems to be increasing. These gaps should be filled up to empower our women.
  7. Sanitation and Clean Water– 40% of the world population is facing the scarcity of water and access to clean water.

You can be “Happier Together” when you take care of yourself. Wash your hands, and ensure that you are free of the virus before interacting with other folks, a simple step can be a reason for others’ happiness. These will help you to fight back your negative emotions and the negative effects of stress.

Help others and yourself, and make the world a better place to live where we can be “Happier Together”.


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