The Food System Dashboard (FSD) – To Assess the Challenges for Improving diets, Nutrition, and Health.

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March 13, 2020

The Food System Dashboard (FSD) – To Assess the Challenges for Improving diets, Nutrition, and Health.



Food is the most essential requirement for sustenance of human life. From production to consumption the food goes through a complete process. The next time when you want to explore more about the production, storage, distribution, processing, and packaging of food try the very new food systems dashboard that can help you to navigate through the food supply chain all around the globe.

Nowadays, innovations are taking the position and most of us have the curiosity that how our food is produced. However, the process is sluggish, more and more people are willing to eat healthy and sustainable food. A portion of healthy food can have a positive effect on our lifestyle and work.

iTech Mission provided technical support to Johns Hopkins and GAIN to develop the comprehensive Food Systems Dashboard, so, that people can have a clear understanding of the food supply chain from production to its consumption. This dashboard combines data from multiple sources to give users a complete view and analysis of the food systems framework and its components.

The FSD is a data platform developed and designed to:

  • Improve stakeholders’ awareness of the core components of national food systems.
  • Enable stakeholders to compare their food systems with those of other countries.
  • Suggest priority areas of action—in the form of policy and program interventions, tools, and investments.

The framework of this food system includes food supply chains, food environments, individual factors, and consumer behavior, as well as external drivers (factors that push or pull at the system).

FSD Framework

The dashboard comprises of the three modules.

About the Dashboard

It describes the complete information about this dashboard. You will find answers to these questions along with the other crucial information.

  • What is the Dashboard?
  • Who is the Dashboard for?
  • How to navigate the Dashboard?
  • Who created the Dashboard?

FSD-iTM Final

Compare and Analyze

It provides a way to visualize and examine food systems data for over 150 indicators from more than 20 different sources. Data can be visualized globally, regionally, or by country.

It can be visualized using thematic geo-spatial maps, bar charts, and advance animated charts like a very famous bubble chart. Users can even download the entire dashboard data set.

Country Profiles

It provides in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities facing individual countries and their food systems.

It spotlights the five major parts of the food systems framework and their indicators.

These can be viewed in forms of different types of infographics and data is compared at three levels i.e., the country, its region, and the world level.

“Data are just summaries of thousands of stories–tell a few of those stories to help make the data meaningful.”

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